Case Studies BERNMOBIL

In August 2018, Bernmobil undertook the first on-board ScreeneX proof of concept on on-board its Combino XL tram. Bernmobil is the first company in Switzerland to test our new innovation and implement a pilot on their tram.

This project has been overseen by Bernmobil headquarters and engineers team, in close cooperation with APG-SGA, a Switzerland’s leading Out of Home advertising company and specialist in the provision of digital and analogue Out of Home solutions at busy locations.


This ScreeneX pilot project was part of the procurement process for new trams. For the project “Trambeschaffung 2020”, Bermobil implemented for the first time its new methods of innovation management. Cross-divisional ideas came together, evaluated and managed in the new innovation tool.

Why ScreeneX? Bernmobil was keen on testing the innovative solutions of ScreeneX by OSG. The idea behind ScreeneX is embedding the screens inside glass units. The ScreeneX technology was developed by OSG and has been tested and qualified for rail applications during the last 3 years. The ScreeneX solution offers many advantages compared to traditional passenger screens that Bernmobil uses, mainly in interior design, optimization of cabin space and durability of the products. Other than these advantages, ScreeneX is extremely reliable and is offered as a universal HW that can connect or be integrated into any existing or new PIS system/architecture.

The idea of Martin Voser was particularly well received: to integrate the screens directly into the panes in the future. Since no such standard product exists, he found in the company OSG and APG-SGA Traffic a good partner.

Design and planning: The joint engineering work between OSG, APG and Bernmobil began in March 2018. The parties defined together the scope and requirements for the pilot. The next steps were the design of the ScreeneX system to fit the dedicated locations by OSG and the joint design of mechanical integration and passenger information to be presented on the systems. This stage was done together with the professionals from all 3 companies.

Dismantling of the windows

The ScreeneX Systems:

As part of the pilot, it was important for Bernmobil to test several systems for various applications. This need fitted the variety of products OSG can offer as part of its ScreeneX product-line.

All systems were based on ScreeneX TRN 21 system, which features a fully embedded 21.5” (16:9) FHD LCD panel.

ScreeneX TRN 21 (21’’ 16:9) Side-window – One of the systems was implemented inside the large side windows of the Combino XL tram.  This solution utilizes a small portion of the relatively large windows of the tram offering a fresh way for passengers to see the information they need, without interfering with the ability of looking out the windows and see the city.

 ScreeneX TRN 21 (21″ 16:9) Driver Partition: The second system was integrated inside the driver cab rear window. This solution’s advantages include a super-slim solution that does not interfere with the driver cab rear dash-board or other elements as well as maintaining the upper part of the window transparent.

ScreeneX TRN 21 Passenger Partition: The third system was designed to be a partition is the passenger area. The unique technology of ScreeneX enables to offer a super-slim solution (20mm total thickness). The slim partition was mounted in a design stainless-steel frame to fit the existing design of the car.

The outcome is a designed super-slim screen that takes only a small portion of the cabin space but has great visibility and accessibility to passengers.

OSG can offer such partition also in a dual-side screen configuration.

The pilot: The tram with the integrated ScreeneX systems will run for about 6 months in regular operation, with the aim of reaching a complete evaluation of the ScreeneX added values to operators, passengers and advertisers.

OSG is thankful for BERNMOBIL and AGP SGA Traffic AG for its cooperative collaboration on this project.

Thanks for such cooperation, we were able to complete this project in less than 6 months – starting from the project drawings and preliminary design and finished in the operative pilot operation on the vehicle succeeded successfully

From left to the right: Avi Shemesh (OSG R&D Engineer), Stefan Siegmann (APG SGA Traffic AG), Markus Anderegg & Martin Voser (BERNMOBIL), Fabian Schenk (APG SGA Traffic AG), Helfried Kloiber (OSG Sales Manager – Transportation Division Europe) & Itzik Yaron, ScreeneX-OSG Poject Manager)