Following a Successful Pilot, OSG Supplies an Innovative ScreeneX Solution to Orlyval

Jerusalem, Israel: Glass fabrication specialist OSG has completed the first French pilot of its innovative ScreeneX glass-embedded passenger information digital display.

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The systems have been provided to the Orlyval APM shuttle service, which connects Paris’s Orly Airport with the city’s RER transit network carrying +3 million passengers each year.

  • The glass-embedded passenger information display was integrated into existing windows

  • The project is the first implementation of the ScreeneX solution in an automatic people mover (APM)

As an innovative operator, Orlyval introduces new technologies to its fleet to improve the passenger experience through innovative Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS).

The advantage of OSG’s ScreeneX solution is that it uses a small part of the window’s upper side, enabling passengers to get the information they need without interrupting the outside view.

The chosen solution was OSG’s ScreeneX TRN 29 integrated side window screen, incorporating the digital LCD into the glass. OSG’s ScreeneX solution was recommended by the leading French industrial design agency Yellow Windows who introduced ScreeneX to Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) and Orlyval.

The system was specially designed to use the same mounting method as part of the overall side window and display the RATP Smart Systems passenger information system’s content.

Throughout the first phase, OSG collaborated with the professional engineering and design teams from Orlyval, RATP, and Yellow Windows to deliver the innovative system. Implementation of equipment in the first trainset (2 cars) was completed in March 2020, with follow-on delivery for all train sets commencing in 2021.

IDFM plans to expand the use of intelligent screens. As part of future experiments, OSG’s ScreeneX will be installed in partitions or side panels on 15 buses. More experiments will be done onboard trams and metro trains during 2021.

OSG’s ScreeneX digital display solutions are being evaluated on various platforms in the USA and Europe and are in commercial serial deployments in several projects.

About OSG

OSG is a world-leading glass fabricator. It develops and supplies glass solutions for a wide range of demanding industries and specialist applications. This includes heated glass, switchable smart glass, curved and special bends. OSG also delivers glazing systems. ScreeneX is the latest breakthrough from OSG’s R&D team. This next-generation technology transforms conventional windows and interior partitions into digital information displays. These glass-embedded screens provide a perfect solution for the transport and retail industries to connect with customers.