Case Studies ScreeneX new inventive innovations 2018

ScreeneX is a product-line of screens fully-embedded inside glass elements for on-board passenger Information screens systems (PIS). ScreeneX is implemented in side-windows and glass partitions on-board various types of rail and public transportation vehicles.

ScreeneX products are designed to meet the harsh conditions of the rail industry and are fully tested and compliant with all rail standards.

At Innotrans 2018 we will present some of our real-size products which were implemented in recent projects as well as some new concepts that are ready for the market.

ScreeneX TRN 21T: an on-board interactive partition. ScreeneX TRN 21T features a 21.5 FHD fully-embedded screen with touch interface. It transforms a standard glass partition/divider wall into an interactive information kiosk for passengers. This product was implemented in  June 2018 onVolvo ElectriCity Bus in Gothenburg, as part of the Volvo Ocean Race Event.

ScreeneX TRN 38-LED: this product exhibits our new solution for fully-embedded LED destination sign which replace standard bulky LED boxes. The unit features a dual-side screen solution with an internal facing LCD screen for passenger information and an external facing LED destination sign.

ScreeneX TRN 16 (16.4″)with a divided frame in side-window

ScreeneX TRN 29-LED in side-window that will be locates at the Family module.

ScreeneX TRN 27T Partition – glass partitions with interactive touch interface featuring a 27” FHD screen and fully-embedded touch screen

ScreeneX TRN MPW side-window – a conceptual model of a multi-purpose window – featuring three (3) embedded screens: two (2) 5” (16:9) and a 16” (16:3) stretched in a rail side-window for various purposes – seating arrangements/personal passenger information and general route info.

ScreeneX TRN 27-2 Partition: dual-sided partition wall featuring two 27” (16:9) FHD screens integrated in an articulated partition structure by Baker Belfield.