Case Studies DB IDEENZUG

To meet these customer needs,  DB Regio decided to create a new vision of future railway mobility together with Neomind. The Ideenzug (Idea Train) is an innovative train interior showcasing many possibilities to enhance the passengers’ travel experience. Some areas focus on relaxation, others on productivity, social interaction or entertainment.


ScreeneX has been chosen by DB Ideenzug to become a partner and develop 4 new prototypes that respond to their needs. The train will be showcased at InnoTrans2018, the worlds largest trade fair for the railway industry.

Why ScreeneX? Neomind was keen on testing the innovative solutions of ScreeneX by OSG. The idea behind ScreeneX is embedding the screens inside glass units. The ScreeneX technology was developed by OSG and has been tested and qualified for rail applications during the last 3 years. The ScreeneX solution offers many advantages compared to traditional passenger screens that DB Idenzug uses, mainly in interior design, optimization of cabin space and durability of the products. Other than these advantages, ScreeneX is extremely reliable and is offered as a universal HW that can connect or be integrated into any existing or new PIS system/architecture.

In September 2018, Db Ideenzug together with Neomind implemented 4 Innovative ScreeneX Glazing in its new innovative futuristic train.

ScreeneX TRN 27T (27’’ 16:9) with interactive touch-interface in partition; touch facing entrance of car. Those 2 partitions (right and left sides) will be located at the Gaming Shopping module entrance and the Touch-screens will face outside of module.

 ScreeneX TRN MPW (Multi-purpose Passenger Information Window) in side-window that will be located at the family module.

ScreeneX TRN 29-LED in side-window that will be locates at the Family module.

OSG works closely with DB Ideenzug and Neomind, from the initial design through the final delivery in providing new solutions that meet customer and market needs worldwide.. This includes the design of mountings, housing and frames.

The pilot was developed by OSG’s in-house R&D teams, that are focused on delivering the next generation of glass-embedded display solutions.