OSG ScreeneX Smart Screens Integrated Into the Windows of Parisian Buses in Partnership With Lumiplan

OSG in partnership with Lumiplan supplies its ScreeneX communicating displays integrated into the rear door partitions of the Parisian buses

As part of an experiment orchestrated and financed by its Design and Travel Experience department, Île-de France Mobilités (IDFM) is the first French authority to use the innovative ScreeneX solution in buses.

Five GX337 vehicles (Heuliez) of the SQYBUS network operated by RATP Dev on behalf of Île-de-France Mobilités and the Saint-Quentin en Yvelines urban authority are already equipped with ScreeneX smart windows. Two other operators will also participate in this experiment with a total of 15 buses in the Ile-de-France transport system, from the manufacturers Heuliez, Iveco, and Man. OSG’s ScreeneX solution was recommended by the French industrial design agency, Yellow Window.

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The advantage of OSG’s ScreeneX solution is to take advantage of a simple transparent window by transforming it into a communicating window, thus improving real-time passenger information, without cluttering the vehicle with additional equipment and with an excellent aesthetic rendering.

A close collaboration between ScreeneX OSG, Lumiplan, Yellow Window, and Egis, has enabled the company to support the new transport attractiveness strategy in the Paris region by focusing on service quality and innovation.

For this project, OSG provided a turnkey product using the services of Lumiplan, a company specialized in centralized traveler information and infotainment

The system features ScreeneX ultra-thin smart windows, integrating 21.5-inch TFT LCD displays in the rear door partition. A Lumiplan-branded external electronics box connects the system to the LumiPlay™ content management platform.

OSG collaborated with the manufacturer Heuliez to develop the mechanical design. The ScreeneX system is specifically designed to use the same mounting method as a standard partition glass

The content displayed on the screens is easily updated by the operators. The SQYBUS network offers mainly regional or local network-specific passenger information, but also infotainment and information on the territory.

The objectives of the experiment are to offer a high-quality screen in the Île-de-France transport system, to have a new medium to inform passengers and to evaluate the interest of users for these screens, in terms of modernity, aesthetics, and positioning in the vehicles. 

ScreeneX continues its breakthrough after Orlyval Service, a subsidiary of the RATP Group, chose Screenex screens inside windows to equip its Orlyval network, and after the order for Screenex-equipped windows that Alstom has just placed with OSG and its partner BARAT for the future equipment of the CDG Express shuttle that will link Charles de Gaulle airport to the center of Paris.

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