In August 2018, Bombardier  undertook the first on-board ScreeneX proof of concept on LNVG Dosto coach. This pilot project is part of the refurbishment project of +200 cars for Bombardier BT Service for LNVG (Hannover). The installation has be done in BT facility in Uelzen.


The challenge of this project was to replace an existing partition glazing into a smart window to provide passengers an on-board information systems, as a priority. But the architecture and design of railway vehicles often leaves only a limited amount of space and area for displays.

ScreeneX offers an innovative passenger screen system offering many design and functional advantages. It is a dual module screen solution based on a fully embedded screen inside a glass unit. The System is designed as two independent modules: Window-screen (“WS“) which is a double-glazed glass unit (IGU) which includes embedded LCD panel/s, and the electronic control unit (“ECU“).

Design and planning: The joint engineering work between OSG and BT began in December 2017. The parties defined together the scope and requirements for the pilot. The next steps were the design of the ScreeneX system to fit the dedicated locations by OSG and the joint design of mechanical integration and passenger information to be presented on the systems. This stage was done together with the professionals from both companies.

The ScreeneX Systems:

ScreeneX has been asked by BT to implant two partition systems, type TRN 21-2 Dual Side in one coach, instead of two existing glazing partitions in a Bombardier 423 S-Bahn Dosto Coach.

All systems were based on ScreeneX TRN 21 system, which features a fully embedded 21.5” (16:9) FHD LCD panel.

TRN 21-2  has be integrated into the existing frame in the same method of integration as the original glass. The large glass of the IGU is identical in size and thickness to the original glass.

ScreeneX TRN 21-2 Dual Side Screen Partition with full IGU: The entire partition unit is comprised by one glazing unit (IGU) which includes the embedded screens.

 ScreeneX TRN 21-2 Dual Side Screen Partition with a  partial IGU: The partition structure will be comprised of two glass units: the lower glass will be a fixed standard glazing unit; the upper unit will be the ScreeneX WS – an IGU with the embedded screens. In case of failure, only the upper part will be replaced.

The system transformed windows and glass elements into real-time on-board digital information displays, without changing the window width, glass composition or mounting.

By using ScreeneX innovative application, BT could handle with different issues without making any changes from his side:

  • glass-embedded profile,
  • no changes are needed to window width, glass composition or mounting,
  • no loss of cabin space,
  • no interference with line of sight.

The pilot: The prototype will run for about 4 months.

ScreeneX is confident that it will be able to meet LNVG’s high demands on reliability and performance with these innovative display units and is looking forward to further successful cooperation with BT.