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OSG ScreeneX Smart Screens Integrated Into the Windows of Parisian Buses in Partnership With Lumiplan

OSG in partnership with Lumiplan supplies its ScreeneX communicating displays integrated into the rear door partitions of the Parisian buses As part of an experiment orchestrated and financed by its Design and Travel Experience department, Île-de France Mobilités (IDFM) is the first French authority to use the innovative ScreeneX solution in buses. Five GX337 vehicles […]

OSG Brings Innovative ScreeneX Smart Windows to RNTP

Glass-embedded digital displays turn windows and partitions into new windows of opportunity Glass fabrication specialist OSG will showcase its innovative new ScreeneX glass-embedded digital display solutions at this year’s RNTP. Read the French version of this Press Release Developed by OSG’s expert in-house R&D team, ScreeneX’s cutting-edge technology makes the most of valuable real estate […]

ScreeneX at Ideenzug 2021

The new IdeasTrain is here, and you are exclusively invited to be part of the first live presentation! Together we want to shape the future actively: How do we want to be mobile? How do we meet the diverse demands on future trains and the increasing passenger numbers? How can we create an attractive, functional, […]

ScreeneX exhibits at the RNTP in France 28-30/09/2021

After the virtual French exhibition National Public Transport Meetings, public transport and mobility stakeholders will meet in Toulouse to finally meet face to face, share the best experiences in the regions and discover the most suitable solutions for changes in mobility and travel policies. When? 28-30/09/2021 Where? Toulouse, France Website:  https://www.rencontres-transport-public.fr/